SAP Fieldglass

Laid off due to COVID-19? Helping our users find temporary employment

March 2020 to April 2020
Visual Designer,
Project Manager


Our company's main product, which managers contingent labor (e.g. hourly, blue collar workers), has the ability to identify who has recently been laid off and what skills or certifications they possess.

User story:
As a flight attendant who has recently been let go, I would like to get back to work as soon as possible. I have certain vocational skills that could still be useful elsewhere and have been a user of your application for over a year.

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We spent a few days getting these designs together, but not before mapping out the workflow. And talking to as many medical professionals and users as we could.

Our user workflow that I led the creation of

Even if our designs our not chosen to be implemented by the competition jury, this will still a fun team-bonding experience. We also envision this to be used as a project we can share when hiring for future designers to join our UX team. Above all else, we were all motivated to propose a solution that could potentially help thousands of displaced workers get back to work throughout the rest of this public health crisis.

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